Gita Chanting Competition

The Gita, which teaches the Supreme Truth and the art of living, has inspired millions of people including great world leaders and achievers. Chinmaya Mission conducts Bhagavad Gita competition in all the centers located world wide for children, youth, and adults which consists of thousands of participants each year.

Chapter 18- Moksasannyasa Yogah

Bhagavad Gita - Audio for Chapters 1-18 by Swami Brahmanandaji

Click here PDF for Chapter 18 verses 40-78
Click here for Chapter 18 Chanting & Judging Guidelines

Competition II - Chapter 18 Verses 59-78 on Sunday, Apr. 19, 2020 @1:00pm.
Regional Competition at Badri center - Chapter 18 Verses 40-78 on Saturday, May 2, 2020 @1:00pm.

Chapter 18 Verses 40-58
Click here for the BG Chanting Results from December 15, 2019

Chapter 18 Audio for verses 40-58:

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Every Saturday at 4:30pm.
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Every Saturday at 12:30pm.
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